How to host a WAVLD Meeting

Revised, October, 2016



Guidance in Preparing a Bid to Host an ISWAVLD Meeting



The WAVLD is an organization of veterinarians who are dedicated to the promotion of quality veterinary laboratory diagnostic medicine throughout the world.  A list of future meetings and past meetings that have been held follows:


2017, Sorrento, Italy                                     2015, Saskatchewan, Canada

2013, Berlin, Germany                                  2011, Bogota, Colombia (cancelled)

2009, Madrid, Spain                                      2007, Melbourne, Australia

2005, Montevideo, Uruguay                         2003, Bangkok, Thailand

2001, Parma, Italy                                         1999, College Station, TX, USA

1996, Jerusalem, Israel                                 1994, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1992, Lyon, France                                       1989, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

1986, Amsterdam, Netherlands                   1983, Ames, Iowa, USA

1980, Lucerne, Switzerland                          1977, Guanajuato, Mexico


The Board of Directors invites eligible countries to present bids to host future meetings.  To be eligible, a country must either have a national association of veterinary laboratory diagnosticians or commit to organizing one prior to the next ISWAVLD meeting.  Bids are presented to the Board by representatives of these countries at the next ISWAVLD meeting.  After hearing and studying the bids, the Board votes on the country that will host the next meeting.  Meetings are held every two years in June in the northern hemisphere and November in the southern hemisphere with an attendance of up to 500 scientists and accompanying persons. 

The meeting usually lasts 2 ½ to 3 days.  The OIE (Organisation Internationale des Epizootics or World Organization for Animal Health, Paris, France) always hosts a full-day symposium in conjunction with the which helps to attract attendance, usually on the second day. 


Information To Be Included In The Bid:

  • Overview of the hosting country’s animal agriculture and veterinary medicine infrastructure.
  • Provide the name and title of the Organizing Committee Chair.  The Chair will be named President of the WAVLD for the two-year period after the meeting.  Duties of the WAVLD president are minimal.  This is an honorary position awarded for Chairing planning of the meeting in their country.
  • Overview of the members of the Organizing Committee and the proposed scientific program content.
  • Please list the plan for an exhibit hall and the number of expected exhibitors.
  • List how you plan to advertise the event (e.g. mail-outs, journal ads, web site).
  • Official language proposed for the conference and the availability of concurrent translation.
  • Adequacy of conference center space (please list an alternate), hotels and restaurants.
  • Planned social functions.
  • Status of veterinary laboratory diagnosticians in the country (membership, dues structure, etc.
  • OIE representative of the country or region.
  • Draft budget for the conference to include approximate expenses to be incurred by attendees.  Hosting countries are asked to pledge $10 USD for each registrant to the WAVLD treasury at the close of the meeting.  These funds are used to help sustain the WAVLD and to fund for student awards. 
  • Hosting country is expected to provide free registration for the WAVLD Board of Directors attending and the OIE speakers since OIE pays for all travel and per diem.
  • Strategy for garnering adequate sponsor support for the meeting.
  • Map of the conference locale.
  • Airline access.
  • Tourist attractions.
  • In advance of the meeting, work with the WAVLD Board of Directors to help select two students to receive awards as follows:
    • Best Graduate Student Oral Presentation - $1000 USD and certificate
    • Best Graduate Student Poster Presentation - $1000 USD and certificate
    • The hosting country Scientific Committee will present to the WAVLD Board three top candidates for each award at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.   The WAVLD Board will make the final selections and prepare certificates to be presented at the closing event of the meeting.
    • The hosting country will prepare checks in local currency and deduct the cost of the awards from the $10 USD /registrant stipend due WAVLD after each meeting.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-- If the meeting ends up as a financial loss, who absorbs this?

A—The hosting country is totally responsible for the meeting.  The WAVLD is not liable for any debt incurred.


Q—Who keeps the profits?

A—The hosting country keeps all profits above and beyond the $10 USD per registrant to be provided to the WAVLD to assist with student awards and operating expenses.


Q—Is funding required from the host city?

A—No.  However, hosts are encouraged to garner financial support for events (e.g. banquets, parties) through sponsorships from local and international companies and/or exhibitors.


How Can We Help?:

We recommend that you consider working with a Congress company in your country to assist you with the planning of your meeting. Beyond that, the WAVLD will be your primary contact fot any questions you may have in preparing your bid.  Please feel free to call, write or email me at anytime.  We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting and to receive a bid from your country!


Barbara Martin
Executive Director, WAVLD
2503 Eisenhower Ave.
Ames, IA  50010